Commemoration of Los Seis De Boulder

Here is some photos and video of the march and rally on June 1st, 2014 in commemoration of the two bombings 40 years ago that killed six Chicano activists who became known as Los Seis de Boulder. This happened the day after a commemoration in Denver for the Symbols of Resistance, the nine people who died from their actions in the Chicano Movement in Colorado.

Related to these incidents were many struggles waged by the United Mexican American Students (UMAS) organization at University of Colorado-Boulder at this time. One of them was the sit-in occupation of Temporary Building 1 (TB1), which housed minority programs at the university. Here, former activists talk about their experiences during that time.

Guillermo Suarez of the Mexican National Liberation Movement calls for a united national consciousness to bring about liberation.

IMG_0628 IMG_0631 IMG_0630 IMG_0634 IMG_0633 IMG_0632 IMG_0635 IMG_0643


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