COINTELPRO and the Chicano Movement – video from Freedom Archives

This is a clip from the recent documentary COINTELPRO 101, named after the official FBI program of the same name to target dissident movements in the United Snakes. The people who exposed it came public recently.

While much has been written about counter-intelligence programs of the federal government, the impact it had on the Chicano people has been lacking. This video serves to be an effort at correcting that error.

This video names some of the martyrs of the Chicano Movement. From New Mexico, Linda Montoya,  killed by Santa Fe police over the opening of a Chicano alternative school, and Rito Canales and Antonio Cordova, members of the Black Beret organization, killed in a police ambush. From Colorado, it discusses the cases of Ricardo Falcon and those who became known as Los Seis De Boulder, all who were involved with the UMAS chapter at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It includes interviews with Ricardo Romero, Priscilla Falcon and Kiko Martinez.

Go to Symbols of Resistance to get more information on the martyrs of the Chicano Movement from Colorado, and for information on a commemoration event in Denver this May 31st.

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