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Movie Review: Walkout (2006)

On this the 50th anniversary of the 1968 East Los Angeles high school Blowouts it is good to take time to study and reflect on these historic events. In a week long period starting March 1st, 1968, over 15,000 mostly … Continue reading

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Remembering Rito Canales and Antonio Cordova of the Black Berets of Albuquerque

Rito Canales. Albuquerque, N.M. Shot to death Jan. 29, 1972. Rito was fighting the prison system. (Photos from 500 Years of Chicano History in Pictures. Elizabeth Martinez, editor. 1991) January 29th 2017 was the 45th anniversary of the police murders … Continue reading

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Chicanos as as Internal Colony: Notes from Occupied America: The Chicano Struggle for Liberation (Rodolfo Acuna, 1972) – Introduction

The first edition of Occupied America, the series of Chicano Studies textbooks by Rodolfo Acuna, was written in 1972, during the peak of the Chicano Movement. This edition was titled “Occupied America: The Chicano Struggle for Liberation.” Later editions were … Continue reading

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May Day and the Mexican Flag: Reflections From 2013

In the aftermath of both May Day and militant anti-Trump rallies in California, led by Chicano and Mexicano youth, columnist Gustavo Arellano penned a piece titled “It’s Not Only OK for Activists to Wave the Mexican Flag at Protests—It’s Necessary.” … Continue reading

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Streetlow, Magazine of Lowrider Culture, Disrespects Brown Berets

Magazines of the lowrider culture have long used semi-nude models in their features and advertisements to attract more readers. Recently one of those magazines, Streetlow, published its latest issue with one of their models wearing a Brown Beret uniform in … Continue reading

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Update on the Myth of Dolores Huerta, 2016

Back in 2014 I wrote the article “The Politics of Opportunism and Capitulation: The Myth of Dolores Huerta.” It was written after the midterm elections of 2014, and during a time of resentment against the Obama administration and traditional Latino … Continue reading

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Statement of the Revolutionary Caucus (Chicano Youth Liberation Conference, 1969)

The National Chicano Youth Conference held in Denver in 1969, organized by the Crusade for Justice, is a historic event in the history of the Chicano people. Out of it came El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan, which sought to organize the … Continue reading

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Chilili Land Grant Struggle, 1976 (pamphlet)

The following is a pamphlet about the land struggle in Chilili, New Mexico in 1976. (Thanks to the one in the Chicano Movement group in Facebook for scanning this in the first place. ) The pamphlet was put out by … Continue reading

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An Account from the 45th Anniversary of August 29th Chicano Moratorium, Los Angeles, 2015

This is my chronicle from the August 29th Chicano Moratorium Commemoration in Los Angeles this year in 2015. The history of the Chicano Moratorium held on August 29th, 1970 in Los Angeles is important in Chicano/Mexicano history. The attacks by … Continue reading

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Chicano Moratorium, 45th Anniversary

I am currently in Los Angeles to observe the anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium against the Vietnam War, which happened August 29th, 1970. It is observed as a Chicano Memorial Day because of the three martyrs that happened on this … Continue reading

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