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The Black Berets Twelve-Point Program (1970)

To continue the interest in the Black Berets following the reposting of my article about them on the recent anniversary of the deaths of Canales and Cordova, here is the reprint of The Black Berets Twelve-Point Program. It was adopted … Continue reading

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American Blowback: New Mexico’s Black Berets (video)

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Remembering Rito Canales and Antonio Cordova of the Black Berets of Albuquerque

Rito Canales. Albuquerque, N.M. Shot to death Jan. 29, 1972. Rito was fighting the prison system. (Photos from 500 Years of Chicano History in Pictures. Elizabeth Martinez, editor. 1991) January 29th 2017 was the 45th anniversary of the police murders … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton on “Illegal Immigrants”

The Democrats are no allies to the Chicano nation or any migrants and refugees. Clinton, Bush and Obama helped lay the way for the current regime.

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Message for 2017

I have been taking a break from this blog for a while. It is noticeable from the frequency of posts. Many things have contributed to this. For one, I have moved from my old residence to another state. I have … Continue reading

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Amerikan Border Wall, Increasingly Militarized, Destroys Surrounding Ecosystem

I wrote this article back in 2011, five years ago, for the RAIM website Now in 2016 we have white supremacist Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president, beginning his campaign in attacks on Mexicans, with his promise … Continue reading

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I am reposting this recent open letter from a veteran organizer to bring awareness about serious problems of disruption within a key Chicano organization, the National Chicano Moratorium Committee. I welcome any discussion, comments, and other information about this.  – … Continue reading

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