Start of Murrieta Mondays: The Corrido of Joaquin Murrieta

JoaquinMurrietaThis is a new project I will be doing each week on this blog. I will be posting notes related to my upcoming research and analysis of Joaquin Murrieta from an anti-imperialist and anti-colonial viewpoint. Here is an anonymously written ballad about one of the better known resistance fighters the Anglos called “bandits,” titled The Corrido of Joaquin Murrieta, in both English and Spanish.

-Antonio  Moreno

The Corrido of Joaquin Murrieta

Ahora Salgo a los caminos
A matar a americanos
Tú fuistes el promotor
De la muerte de mi hermano
Lo agarrastes indefenso
Desgraciado americano

A los ricos y avarientos
Yo les quité su dinero
A los humildes y pobres
Yo me quitaba el sombrero
Ay, qué leyes tan injustas
Voy a darme a bandolero

Now I go out onto roads
To kill Americans
You were the cause
Of my brother’s death
You took him defenseless
You disgraceful American

From the rich and avaricious
I took their money
To the humble and poor
I tipped my hat
Oh, what unjust laws
I’m going to become a bandit


cited with translation in –

Rosales, Arturo F. (1997). Chicano: The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement. Houston, TX. Arte Publico Press. pg. 7.

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