Siglo De Lucha is an online journal the purpose of which is to explore questions of Chicano-Mexican national liberation from a Third Worldist perspective.

First off let me introduce myself. I am Antonio Moreno, and have been an organizer and writer with RAIM, Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement, and its web project After a period of inactivity recently, I have decided one of the best ways I can direct my focus right now is this journal. The purpose of this journal is to explore questions of Chicano-Mexicano national liberation from a Third Worldist perspective.

The development of my current politics is based on my political history. I have been an activist and organizer for many different leftist groups and causes throughout my life as I got politically active. My political development led me toward a radical Left analysis. I did not have an adequate understanding of nationalism at the time, especially Chicano nationalism, and I saw the representations around me as too liberal and reformist. My search for radical politics led me eventually to accept a general version of Marxism. Active in the overwhelmingly White Left, I experienced first hand a lot of the chauvinism of whites on the Left. At the same time I got a better understanding of Chicano history and national liberation, and I subsequently became a revolutionary nationalist. With this I also gravitated toward Maoism. Along with the historical example of the Chinese Revolution, Maoism accepted the importance of struggles for national liberation, exemplified in the saying of Mao Zedong “in wars of national liberation, patriotism is applied internationalism.” In other words, nationalism of oppressed peoples is a primary means of advancing the internationalist struggle for a just world.

The contradictions I have seen on issues of race, racism and white chauvinism were present but still unanswered. I was at the time going off an analysis based on white privilege, but yet many questions were not answered by this. The lingering questions were partly answered when I came into contact with the works of MIM and J. Sakai. Sakai’s book “Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat,” gave a new and more accurate narrative of Amerikan history, showing a materialist analysis of what made up the White oppressor nation. MIM’s work furthered that analysis, especially in terms of the concept of the labor aristocracy in the First World.

When I moved to Denver, I met up with others with similar politics, and together formed the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement, or RAIM. We did militant anti-imperialist actions and advanced Third World and national liberation politics. This ideology would come to be known as Maoism (Third Worldism). Shortly after RAIM was founded, a web journal called Monkey Smashes Heaven (MSH) was formed. I wrote some articles for this journal under the pen name Siglo. After a few years many Maoist Third Worldist projects including RAIM and MSH came together. It became the Leading Light Communist Organization, or LLCO, with RAIM intended as its mass organization.  Shortly after LLCO founded, RAIM and others, myself included, left the organization over disagreements with their leadership on various issues of strategy and tactics.

Recently RAIM went through a restructuring and reevaluation. Through its history it received many criticisms. Most were petty, infantile and unprincipled, others were sincere. One of these was to clarify the stance on captive nations within the imperialist countries, and for what those in the First World to do.

This journal will be an attempt to fill in the gaps on this knowledge, and to advance theory in it. I will be reposting older articles as well as creating new ones, and welcome any contributions.

There has often been a trend in the radical Left of liquidating what has been called the National Question, or to take opportunist stances on these questions. Especially around Chicano national liberation, many, even on the Left, do not have an understanding on this. Mainly due to lethargy on studying these questions, others because of settler nation chauvinism. Siglo De Lucha will be an attempt to further study on these questions, not only around the Chicano nation but other national liberation movements similar to it, and to build solidarity between them. This is not something with a set dogma from the start. This is a living embodiment, and a journey, and I hope you will all join me on this journey.

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